How do I order?

My Photo As Art process

  1. Select your favourite Art Style or Photo Gift Product, upload your photo and add to cart
  2. Checkout to finalise your order and provide any instructions such as sample preference, accent colour, cropping, deadline, etc.


  1. Select Digital Art, Photography or eGift Card and add to cart
  2. Checkout to finalise your order

Can I print my image on more than one Photo Gift product?

Yes you can! Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll process the order offline so you don’t pay the digital artwork cost.

Can I re-order Photo Gift products from the My Photo As Art image?

Yes you can! Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll process the order offline so you don’t pay the digital artwork cost.

What if I don't like the digital artwork?

We’re confident you’ll love the result of our My Photo As Art process however art is subjective and not all photos work in all situations. We’ll endeavour to work with you until you’re 100% happy.

What is your returns policy?

Please refer to our Returns Policy for details.

What payments do you accept?

We accept major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), PayPal and Afterpay.

Can I cancel my order?

Providing we haven’t started your artwork, we can cancel an order if you contact us within 2 hours of purchasing.


How long will it take?

Digital Artwork Process
2-3 business days

Print Production & Delivery
Production & Delivery times vary for each product so please check the individual pages for details and estimated delivery date.

Please remember to exclude and allow extra days for national and state public holidays for processing, production and delivery estimates.

Can I track my order?

If your order is being sent by a trackable delivery service, these details will be included on the order completed email we send you and with your order in My Account.

Do you ship overseas?

Sorry, not at this time through the website. We offer free shipping within Australia only.

However, if you are located outside Australia we can upload your image to a private link on our Redbubble shop to order any products with worldwide shipping. Please contact us if you are interested.

Do you offer local pickup?

Because we ship directly to your door from our 3rd-party print suppliers there’s no benefit or cost-saving with a local pickup. Please contact us if you have any special requirements and we’ll be happy to assist.

Photos & Artwork

Can you take multiple photos and put them together to create one image?

No, we don’t offer multiple photos at this time. As our images are computer-generated and not hand-drawn/painted, they are created from a single photo only.

In our experience merging multiple photos can be tricky because of the difference in lighting and perspective, and often looks odd. A hand-drawn painting or drawing would be able to compensate for this.

To find a fine artist who could paint the photos together, you could try your local art school or Etsy.com.

Is your artwork hand-drawn?

No, our digital images are not hand-drawn. They are generated from the photos supplied to us using professional digital photo effects. This enables us to fully customise the final artwork by adjusting layers and colours, removing backgrounds, adding/removing brush strokes and detail, and minor photo-retouching such as removing blemishes. This is the difference between My Photo As Art and what you can do yourself with online filters and mobile apps.

Can I print an image that I found on the internet?

Unfortunately we cannot print images without a license or artist’s permission. This is due to strict copyright laws that are enforced to protect the artist from their work being copied. Also these images are not usually high-enough quality or resolution to use.

If there is a specific image that you absolutely love but cannot find a license for, simply contact us at info@myphotoasart.com.au and we can find a suitable image you.

Can I use images taken on my mobile device?

Our graphic artist inspects every image that is placed on order through our website. If there are any concerns over the quality we will contact you.

If you are concerned about your image quality, please email your photo to info@myphotoasart.com.au and we will check it before you place your order.

What if my photos aren't perfect?

No problems! The My Photo to Art process often hides any blemishes, contrast issues or boring backgrounds. However, we will make minor adjustments to your image such as colour balance, contrast and exposure as required.

Check out the My Photo As Art pages for important Photo Tips.

Does the My Photo As Art process include photo-retouching?

We’ll do any minor retouching as required however it doesn’t include any major retouching such as making you look 10kg lighter, adding/removing objects or people etc 🙂 Please contact us for a quote for any special requirements.

What is the maximum file size that can be uploaded?

The maximum file size is 10MB. If your image is too big to upload simply use a file transfer service such as Wetransfer, or email us on info@myphotoasart.com.au for assistance.

Why does my photo look cropped when I upload?

When you upload your photo the preview is cropped to square for display in the system, on emails etc. Rest-assured the whole photo will be uploaded.

Can I use my own photo for your Photo Gift products instead?

Yes you can! Please contact us with your requirements and we’ll process the order offline so you don’t pay the digital artwork cost.

Canvas Prints

How long will it take?

Each canvas is individually made as it is ordered – frames, printing, cutting, stretching, finishes and packing. Our production time is approximately 7-10 business days from when we place the order with our print supplier. The delivery time is generally 2-3 business days if on the eastern seaboard of Australia and up to 5-8 business days for WA and NT and some country Australia destinations.

What makes your canvases such high-quality?

We use an independently tested canvas, pigment inks, kiln-dried bars and we have colour-managed workflow to ensure colour accuracy.

The canvas material we use is made from a blend of strong man-made fibres. This means they are guaranteed not to deteriorate (unlike 100% cotton canvas material which deteriorates over time). It is incredibly strong, does not sag in humid weather conditions and does not require re-stretching.

For artistic pieces we recommend choosing our Premium Art Canvas which has a higher-quality, more textured surface that you’d expect from a traditional art canvas, plus more detail and vivid colour.

Are your canvases manufactured in Australia?

Yes our canvases are manufactured in Australia to the highest standard. Our 3rd-party print supplier is 100% Australia owned and operated.

What do I do if my order arrives damaged?

Upon receiving, please open the box IMMEDIATELY. If your order arrives damaged or the workmanship is faulty YOU MUST REPORT IT WITHIN 24 HOURS OF RECEIPT. We ask that you provide photographs of the damaged packaging and canvas and email this to us for assessment. If the damage has occurred in transit or we deem the fault to be a manufacturing error, your order will be reproduced. We will also ask that the damaged/faulty order is returned to our supplier, with additional tape covering the damaged area of the parcel, therefore it is imperative that you keep the original packaging.

What's the difference between Gallery and Standard finish?

All our canvases arrive ready to hang! Gallery Finish gives a high-end professional finish. We carefully hide the staples and loose ends on the back of the canvas as well as providing small fabric wall paddings on each corner to protect your walls from any possible damage. The finished result will not affect how your canvas looks on the outside once hanging on your wall.

Standard vs Gallery Finish

What is the difference between Mirror and Picture edge?

A Mirror edge is a common effect we use to keep as much of the image within the frame as possible. We sample a small portion along each side of the canvas and flip it to sit on the sides of the frame. This is a popular technique we use for many family photos, weddings, and close-up images.

A picture edge is where your image continues to wrap along the edges of the canvas. This technique is best used for long distance photos or nature scenery. We do not recommend Picture Edge for close-up photography or portraits otherwise you’ll find 3.6cm cut off from the top, bottom and sides of your image.

This is a point of difference between us and our competitors who mainly use Picture Edge or don’t print on the edge at all.

How do I hang my canvas when I get it?

All of our canvases are fitted with either a wire or rope string on the back to support the weight of your canvas. Depending on the size, most of our canvases are lightweight enough to be supported by removable wall hooks.

Can I hang my canvas outside?

We do not recommend hanging your canvas in direct sunlight or in exposed outdoor areas. Avoid areas with high-humidity such as small bathrooms.

What can I use to clean my canvas?

We recommend using a duster to clean your canvases. Avoid using soapy or wet products as they can smear and damage your canvas.

Are your canvases eco-friendly?

Absolutely! We use latex inks to provide rich and vibrant colours that are odour-free. Perfect for any sensitive indoor environment!


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