Digital File Only


Our graphic artist will transform your photo into a stunning simulated art piece. Select your preferred art style and we’ll do the rest! This a digital file only for you to print yourself. The perfect gift for family, friends or you to enjoy.




Please allow for the following timeframes when planning:


3-4 business days

What you get

  • Digital artwork made to order
  • Digital download of final high-res JPEG file

How it works

  1. Our graphic artist will transform your photo into digital art
  2. We’ll email you a digital proof for approval
  3. Once approved we’ll email you a final high-resolution JPEG file

Important photo tips

  • No phone screenshots please
  • Where possible send us the original high-resolution photo from your camera or phone
  • The higher the resolution of the original photo, the better the final result
  • Choose clear and focused photos with good lighting
  • Don’t crop, resize, edit or cut-out the photo… we’ll do that
  • Make sure you own or have copyright permission to use the photo

How to order

Select a Canvas Size, Upload Your Photo and add to your shopping cart.
Checkout to finalise your order and provide any artwork instructions such as sample preference, accent colour, cropping, deadline, etc.

Free consultation

Not sure if your photo is good-enough quality? Email us and we’ll provide our professional advice before you order.

If you have any questions or special requests, please feel free to email us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Additional information

Art Style

Artistic Watercolour, Colourful Ink, Digital Art, Doodle Mosaic, Mixed Media, Pencil Sketch, Pop Art Poster, Quick Sketch, Real Paint, Scribble Artist, Toon Artist, Watercolour Artist, Not sure – choose for me


Q: Can you take multiple photos and put them together to create one image?
No, we don’t offer multiple photos at this time. As our images are computer-generated and not hand-drawn/painted, they are created from a single photo only.

To find a fine artist who could paint the photos together, you could try your local art school or

Q: Can I use images taken from my mobile to print on large canvases?
Our graphic artist inspects every image that is placed on order through our website. If there are any concerns over the quality we will contact you with the details supplied on the order.

Q: I am not sure if my image can be printed at the size I would like?
If you are concerned about your image quality please email your photo to and we will check for you before you place your online order.

Q: What if my photos are not perfect?
No problems! The My Photo to Art process often hides any blemishes, contrast issues or boring backgrounds. However, we will adjust your image as required for colour balance, contrast, exposure and retouching.

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